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March 26, 2012
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*~*~*~*Narrator (AWWHH YEAHH)*~*~*~*

You were hanging out with your friend Antonio during lunch time, trying to find a way to show him you didn't…


…like him a certain way.

And it wasn't just him; it was all of the Bad Touch Trio. They were constantly hitting on you, and you were tired of pretending not to notice it.

Yes, that's right; you didn't love any of them. /slapped/

Okay, okay! Actually you may have liked them, but I mean, c'mon! They were your friends, but they were also huge players. You didn't want to set yourself up to get hurt by them. And you already had enough satisfaction watching plenty of girls come and go with the trio. It was always the same to you; a girl coming in benevolent and happy, and then leaving with tears in their eyes. The trio lacked the ability to hold a relationship because the three often lost interest in the same girl. Fast.

If only your best friend were here to save you from all this non-sense...

*~*~*~*End of Narrating*~*~*~*

"Hey chica! Want to go to the dance with me on Friday?" A happy Spaniard asked cheerfully. You looked up from your lunch, and your heart melted at the sight of him. How could you say no to this? You sighed and gathered up all the remaining courage you had, "Amigo, you can do much better than me..." You stated, choking on your words a little, letting the once in a life time chance pass.

You had also just down-graded yourself in front of a hottie.

"…'Amigo'? Keseseseses~ Bro, jou just got friend-zoned!" An obnoxious voice snickered. You turned around to see Gilbert walking towards you and Toni. He slid into the chair next to you, and gazed at you with a seductive stare for the longest of time. You stared back with a monotone expression before picking back at your food.

"So (__f/n__)," Gilbert started, "Do jou like the band Paramore?" Gilbert smirked, commencing the first step of setting up his pick-up line. You sighed, already knowing where this conversation would end. Instead of giving a detailed response on how much you loved Paramore, you lazily replied, "Oh, my sister loves that band."

Gilbert frowned, "Did you just-"

"Ohonhonhonhon~ Don't you get it, Gil? Ze jolie fille 'sister-zoned' you!" Francis chuckled appearing out of no where, "Of course, you vould never do zhis to moi, right (__f/n__)?" He turned to you and winked. Your face warmed up, but you managed to keep your blush down.

"Heh, right…" You rolled your eyes, "look; all I'm saying is that we've been good friends for a long time, but I'm not exactly ready for a relationship…" You flashed the French man an apologetic look. Francis still wasn't ready to give up on you though, "But life is too short-"

"I don't think there's anything longer than life, Francis."

"......…I see vhat you mean," Francis stated blandly after reconsidering his thoughts for a second, "But c'mon now! Vhat if one of us vere to die soon?" He asked, curiously waiting for your response.  

You knew exactly where his pathetic attempt of questioning was going to go; he was trying to make you feel guilty for not dating him while you still had the chance.

"Well…... I, uh…... believe in re-incarnation! So then we could meet up in the next life if one of us died!" You laughed nervously. From behind you, you heard a distant laugh on cue to your joke. It became louder, as the person moved closer and closer.

"Hah! The bloody wanker just got next life-zoned! HAH!" A british accent announced. You turned around and smiled at your best friend, Arthur Kirkland. He was the only one who really understood you. He stood before the trio, chuckling to himself, "This is hilarious! Friend-zoned? Sister-zoned? NEXT LIFE-ZONED? HAH!" He burst, "Poor souls…" Arthur muttered before turning to you.

"(__f/n__), would you like to go to the dance with me?" He asked hopefully.

"Hmm…" you pretended to consider his offer. Arthur patiently waited for an answer. Finally you responded.

"Nope!" You giggled. The Brit's face fell. "Oh…"

"I'd love to go to the dance with you!" You restated, smiling.

You walked away, hand-in-hand with Arthur, leaving the Bad Touch Trio to watch your successful relationship.

Something they will probably never achieve.

xDD /shot/ I don't know what I just wrote. Sorry for wasting your time...
*~*~*~*Picture is not mine! It is owned by :iconthe-blurple-mage:!! [link] *~*~*~*

:bulletred: I hope you guys liked it! Comment cause I love feedback! <3

:bulletorange: Next-life zone joke from here: [link] !!

:bulletyellow: This is probably my most shortest story yet. Wrote it in like 15 minutes and posted it because I haven't posted things in a long time. SORRY! (writer's block)

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Edit 1: WHAT THE FU--


Thankss... :heart:
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and that next life zone is golden x3
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