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April 29, 2012
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"Ohh, Japaaaaaaaaaaaaannn~!!" you called from the distance.

"Hmm? Oh, (__f/n__)-san, what is it?"

"Well, I was wondering if you could teach me how to say something....." You trailed off smiling as you approached him.

"Hai, what wourd you rike me to say?" Japan questioned curiously.

"Can you say—"

"Prease don't terr me to say the word for a 'pubric vote for a candidate in poriticar office.'" He sighed.

"...... You mean......... 'erection'? HAHAHA, don't worry, none of that..." You wiped away a tear from laughing.

"Arigato (__f/n__)-san."

"Anyways, how do you say...... 'I love you' in Japanese?"

"'I-I rove you?'...... Aishiteru."

"... A-Aish... teru? Is that right? Aishiteru?"

"Hai, that's right."

"Alright! Aishteru Nihon!" You smiled contently.


"……S-Sorry, I didn't mean to break you—"

"A-Aishiteru, (__f/n__)-san," he stuttered, averting his eyes away and blushing.

You blinked a couple times.


Then the realization hit.

"……...N-Nihon!" You gasped after a couple of seconds, glomping him and sending the both of you to the floor.

"A-aah!(__f/n__)! Nghh... p-prease..." Kiku's face was dusted with pink from the response. You only snuggled into Kiku's neck even more.

"Nihon~" You breathed softly.

".......... I-I shourd have sensed the mood and refrained from speaking," he sighed.

But he was glad he didn't.
*~*~*~* Picture does not belong to me~! [link] *~*~*~*

:bulletred: Props to you if you got the 'election' joke! xDD

:bulletorange: I've never done a little drabble for Japan yet, and the idea of this was supposed to originally be for my Papa!FrancexLittle!Reader, but .... yeah, IDon'tKnow...

:bulletyellow: Creative title is creative. -.- I SPENT 4 HOURS TRYING TO THINK OF AN IDEA FOR A STORY, AND I ONLY CAME UP WITH 3/4 OF A PAGE. lkjfasdlfsd, i want to rage at my neighbours for no reason at all.

:bulletgreen: Comment, cause I love feedback!!
:iconyayjapanplz: ~ Aishiteru, reader-chan~! :heart:

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NekoPhineox Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
election?...OH I get it now OUO
Wait,.. OMG LOL I GET IT!! hahahaahaha- No I don't.
Kurahei Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
"Prease don't terr me to say the word for a 'pubric vote for a candidate in poriticar office.'" He sighed.

"...... You mean......... 'erection'? HAHAHA, don't worry, none of that..." You wiped away a tear from laughing.
:'D I love you for that lawl.


(I'm so sorry for spamming your inbox with faves and comments, it's just really hard no to! xD)
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