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August 29, 2012
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This is more of a NorthAmerican!BrothersxLittle!Reader, haha
(For new readers, if you don't understand, you might want to read my other Papa!FrancexLittle!Reader's~ )

Age 5

9:00 A.M.

"……And zhat is why I need you to watch (__f/n__) for ze day, Mathieu," Francis finished with a persuasive smile. He was going off with his best friends Toni and Gil for the day to have some 'inappropriate fun'. Francis didn't leave (__f/n__) very often; he loved her way too much to leave her in someone else's care for too long.

The Canadian hesitated his invite at first; he honestly wasn't good with kids at all since they usually forgot his presence, but in the end he ended up agreeing, when Francis had grabbed him by the shoulders, stressing the fact that he was the only person he could trust his 'petite fleur' with.

"I never knew you had another child, Francis. Hopefully you've been treating her differently than you did with me…" He trailed off, shuddering at the thought of his past. "So that must mean…… I'm her older brother, right?" Matthew asked confused. "Oui, mon cher," France stated with an absent mind, packing his cases of wine in a box. "I'll be back late tonight at around 11, so make sure ma petite fleur doesn't stay avake vaiting for moi," Francis repeated for the third time.

"Don't worry papa," Matthew said with a smile, bringing back his younger trait of addressing Francis, "I've read the list you left for me carefully. Where is little (__f/n__) anyways?" He asked curiously, scanning over the list once more. "She's still sleeping upstairs. I don't think you've seen her yet, so you can go right up and vake her," France stated while walking out the door. "I'll see you tonight, mon cher! Au revoir!" He waved to the Canadian as he closed the door to the house.

Matthew sighed and made his way up the stairs of the house. He wondered what the child had turned out to be like after living with Francis for 6 months.

'She's ought to be a young pervert already. She is a little girl after all; it can't be hard for Papa to brainwash her into thinking nasty thoughts. Or maybe she's turned out to be something like me. She won't like me; that's for sure. That, or she won't be able to see me at all. I hope she's not ignorant and bratty. Oh, and I wonder if she's picked up France's unwanted traits. And I wonder how she looks like, too. It might be possible to see some of the fading innocence in her eyes…'

He reached (__f/n__)'s door, and slowly turned the knob. Looking towards the bed, he saw a giant lump wrapped under the covers gently raising and falling with every breath. Matthew made his way to the side of the bed and called her name. "(__f/n__)?" He said softly. No response came from the bundle of blankets. He sat down on the side of the bed and tried again. "(__f/n__)? Are you in there?" He asked playfully. After a little rustle from the blankets, a little face peeked out from under the covers. Matthew stared at the sleepy half-lidded (__e/c__) eyes peering at him in confusion. (__f/n__) cleared her throat as cutely as a five year old could before speaking. "You're not papa…" She said with her voice trembling a bit. Matthew realized she seemed a little scared to see a stranger in her room.

"That's right; I'm not your papa. But I am your brother, Matthew Williams," He spoke softly. "Papa had to leave today, and asked me to be with you. We'll have a lot of fun today, okay?" She nodded her head and smiled.

Matthew eased a bit at her appearance. She had (long/short) (__h/c__) hair, and her eyes preserved the innocence that Matthew never had at her age when around Francis. (__f/n__) slowly crawled out from under the blankets and shyly sat in Mathew's lap, still drowsy from sleep. She furrowed her eyebrows and thought hard. "Frère…..Matthew?" She asked innocently looking up at Matthew. Canada was slightly alarmed by her actions and her ability to speak French, but looked down at her with a smile. "Frère Mathieu," He repeated in French. "Would you like some pancakes?" He asked, crossing his fingers secretly for the right answer. (__f/n__) did a cute little gasp. "Pancakes? I love pancakes!" She squealed joyfully, making Matthew laughed in response.

'She must be Canadian.'

10:00 A.M.

(__f/n__) sat on the counter swinging her legs back and forth to the radio as Matthew finished making the last of the chocolate chip pancakes. She hopped off the counter and made her way to a chair as the pancakes were set down at the table. Matthew chuckled, watching (__f/n__) attentively as she drowned the pancakes in maple syrup like he always did himself. Taking her first bite, (__f/n__) eyes widened dramatically. "Mathieu!" She exclaimed in a French accent, "These pancakes are amazing!" He smiled politely at her response. "I'm glad you like them, (__f/n__)," He replied, cutting into his breakfast. They sat there and continued to eat until Matthew broke the silence. "Do you know a lot of French, (__f/n__)?" He asked randomly, drenching another pancake with syrup. "Non, Mathieu…" She replied absent minded, picking at her pancakes. Matthew smiled inwardly at her innocent response.

How cute. She even said it with a French accent! Maybe she's picking up the right traits from Papa…'

"Mathieu, how do you make pancakes?" (__f/n__) asked curiously, breaking the Canadian from his thoughts. Matthew looked up to her, as she savoured each bite like one should when eating pancakes.

"Well," he started, "there's only one thing you absolutely need…" Matthew trailed off, averting his eyes to look out the window. (__f/n__) looked up with interest and listened attentively. "What is it? I wanna know how to make pancakes like you do!" She whined. Matthew looked back to her, "Do you 'really' want to know? You can't tell anyone if I tell you," He said raising an eyebrow. "N-No! I won't tell anyone!" (__f/n__) said desperately.

Matthew smirked (how rare!) and leaned in closer to (__f/n__) from across the table. "The secret ingredient to making pancakes is……" He stopped abruptly and looked around, as if someone were to be eavesdropping, even though nobody was in the house. (__f/n__) blinked a couple times before she caught on and glanced around also, suspecting that someone was listening. Matthew caught (__f/n__)'s wandering eyes with his own, and mouthed the words:


She silently gasped. 'Oh no!' She thought, 'Mathieu can't tell me the secret to making pancakes if ninjas are listening too!' Quickly finishing the remainder of her pancakes, she grabbed Matthew's hand and raced upstairs. "You can tell me in here!" She said out of breath, leading him into their papa's walk-in closet. (lolololol)

As they ran inside the closet, Matthew closed the closet door behind him and locked it, pretending to be out of breath to fool the little girl. Still playing along, he sighed in relief and patted (__f/n__)'s head in congratulation for escaping the ninjas. He took a quick glance around the big closet for anything that might scar poor (__f/n__)'s eyes, but only found the closet to be filled with winter coats.

'Hmm, there's nothing in here. France must've cleaned the entire house of inappropriate things and put them in Germany's closet.' He thought, sighing in actual relief.

Matthew looked down at (__f/n__) who was taking the entire situation seriously. She was out of breath from running up the flight of stairs, and was sitting criss-cross on the ground. Her innocent eyes glanced up to Matthew. "C-Can…you… tell me now?" She said, still trying to catch her breath. Her words were laced with so much innocence, Matthew felt sceptical to how she was raised by France. He smiled and kneeled down beside her.

"Yes… The most important ingredient to making pancakes is……"

(__f/n__) eagerly fixed her position to sit straight, listening for the wise words.

"……love," Matthew finished.

Most children would have rolled their eyes at the statement, but (__f/n__) had a different response. She leaned in close to Matthew's face with wide eyes to say, "Le gasp! Is it true, Mathieu? Is it really true?" She asked in utter shock and disbelief. Matthew nodded his head in a matter-of-factly way.

'She believes EVERYTHING.'

"And now that I've told you, all the ninjas downstairs have disappeared. So it's safe to go out now." (__f/n__) let out a huge sigh of relief, "That's good to hear, Mathieu. I didn't even have my sword to protect you!" She said exasperated.

"……Sword?" Matthew questioned. "Yeah! A sword!" She stated, leaping off the floor, grabbing Matthew's hand once again and running out the closet. They ran back downstairs into the living room where (__f/n__) quickly picked up a large discarded cardboard tube. "This one!" She said excitedly. "Wow! That is so cool!" Matthew stated, over exaggerating his words, "Do you have a sword for me?" "O-Of course! But we have to go on a quest to find it! And when we do, I'll dub you a knight!" She stated proudly.

Matthew may not have been great with kids in general, but he was awesome with (__f/n__).

12:00 P.M.

"…A-And then we run into the fortress, okay?"

(__f/n__) repeated the game plan to rescue the princess from the castle, to Matthew. Matthew nodded in agreement. The two were playing up an imaginative storm around the house, and were not even close to being tired of it. They had paint all over there face, and were lying on the ground in a sniper position. He'd never have thought he'd be having so much fun with (__f/n__).

"But what happens if we get caught by the ninja?" Matthew turned to (__f/n__) to see her eyes were wide open in shock. "W-What is it?" He asked confused.

"P-Pause the game…" She whispered, not daring to move. "Okay," Matthew said slowly, "the game is on pause. What's wrong?"

"I heard…… a noise in the kitchen. Like… s-someone had closed the fridge or something…" Her voice was slightly audible, with tears of fear forming in her eyes. Matthew was sure she was just hearing things, "We'll go investigate the kitchen. I'm sure it was just the 'Princess in the fortress' asking for help," He reassured. (__f/n__) wasn't fully convinced, and stood up, clenching her sword desperately. She slowly made her way to the kitchen, hiding behind one of the walls and peering out.


That was the sound. It was the same exact sound she was familiar with when someone opened and closed the fridge. Her breath was coming in un-even amounts, and she slowly turned the corner to be confronted by…

…a polar bear?

"Who are you?" It asked confused. "…I'm…(__f/n__)… Who are you?" She curiously asked back, holding up her cardboard sword in defence. By then, Matthew had made his way to the kitchen.

"Kumajiro? What are you doing here?"

1:00 P.M.

After three hours of riding the horse (broom) around the kingdom (house), fighting off a ninja (Kumajiro) on a dragon (sofa) with swords (large cardboard tubes), and dubbing Matthew a knight for his amazing deed (of riding a broom around the house and fighting a polar bear/sofa with a cardboard tube) all while being in her pyjamas, (__f/n__) became a little hungry. Matthew quickly changed (__f/n__) into a dress, and the three, which included Kumajiro, walked over to his house for some home-made poutine. He had actually enjoyed himself a lot when playing with his younger sister.

Upon entering the house, a waft of sweetness washed over (__f/n__)'s senses, and lingered in the air. It smelled greatly of maple syrup. "Mhmm, it's smells so good at your house!" (__f/n__) commented brightly. They both headed to the kitchen and made lunch together, as Kumajiro ran off somewhere inside the house.


While eating in a pure comfortable silence, it was quickly interrupted by a loud knocking at the front door. The noise scared (__f/n__) and she quickly jumped off the chair, scrambling into Matthew's lap. He held her protectively and rocked back and forth in a slow motion. "H-Hey, don't be scared. We'll have to fight off the 'ninja' again, won't we—"

"HEY MATTIE, OPEN THE DOOR TO THE HERO! I WANNA PLAY SOME BASEBALL!" A loud obnoxious voice rang through the house. "OH WAIT, I KNOW WHAT TO DO. DON'T WORRY, I GOT THIS," The voice stated. Shortly after, a loud window was heard being smashed followed by a sigh from Canada.

"……I'm in the kitchen, Alfred," Matthew called out.

'Not a ninja at all; this guy has no stealth mode.'

"Okay, dude. It was not my fault that a baseball came flying out of nowhere and hit your window. Luckily, the hero-"

The so-called 'Hero' paused at the kitchen door when his eyes laid on (__f/n__). "…Dude, who's the cutie?" He said with a smirk, glancing at her dress. He went over to Matthew's fridge and pulled out a can of coke, trying to chug it down in one go.

"(__f/n__) is our sister ."

Alfred gagged on his coke for a bit, and ran to the sink to prevent it from falling to the floor. Coke on the floor would be a waste to him, of course.

"M-my-my S-SISTER?! He asked in shock. Matthew genuinely smiled to him, "our sister, yes," He replied happily. It took three minute for Alfred to recover from his cloud of disbelief, before he walked over to (__f/n__) and sat down beside her, stroking her cheek lovingly.

"You're my sister," He whispered to himself, "You're my little sister, (__f/n__). I can't believe this. This is amazing…" He continued to talk to himself, taking in all of her features.  She nodded, putting more poutine in her mouth, still watching Alfred. Matthew also watched Alfred intently, noticing he was expressing a side, never before seen by man kind. "(__f/n__), I think you broke him-" Matthew stopped midsentence.

"……Please don't tell me you're crying, Alfred."

"They're manly tears, bro," Alfred stated, "but I can't believe it, I have a sister… Oh my god, I have a sister. This is so cool!" Alfred thought out loud, "The Hero has a sister! I now have motivation, and it's to protect her! THE HERO IS BACK WITH A REASON GUYS!" Alfred yelled fist pumping in the air, earning a face-palm from his brother. (__f/n__) simply giggled at his enthusiasm, "what can I be, 'hero'?" She asked innocently. Alfred looked down at her and smiled.

"You can be the princess! But I'm gonna call you cutie cause you're cute!" He said stroking her nose lovingly. "What can Matthew be?"

"Oh, he can be the lumberjack," [1]  Alfred stated casually, stealing Matthew's poutine.


"……Or a Mountie." [2]

3:00 P.M.

After finishing up lunch and putting Kumajiro to sleep, Alfred and Matthew took (__f/n__) to the park to play baseball. The two brothers agreed that it was dangerous for her to carry the bat, so they handed (__f/n__) a glove instead. After being taught how to catch, (__f/n__) still couldn't do it.

"Why is baseball so hard, Alfie?" She mumbled, slightly upset. Alfred thought for a moment, "(__f/n__), do you know how to write words yet?" He asked curiously. She nodded, "only a couple." "And which hand do you write with?" "Uhh…this one!" She stated, holding her left hand up. "Haha, there we go! That's the problem! You're left handed, not right handed!" Alfred brightly exclaimed. "We don't have a left handed glove, so how about we play 'Superman' instead?" He asked enthusiastically. "Superman?" She asked curiously. Alfred picked (__f/n__) up so that she was laying flat on her stomach in his hands like an airplane, and ran through the park, both of them laughing.

Matthew stood back and enjoyed them having fun, snapping a few pictures now and then of the hero and princess.


After playing 'Superman' with Alfred, (__f/n__) rode upon Matthew's shoulders as the three of them walked to an ice cream stand.

"Dude, you're so fun to be around, we should do this more often!" Alfred stated, poking (__f/n__), causing her to giggle and squirm atop Matthew. He stifled a laugh in response. "France would kill me if he knew (__f/n__) was playing with you," Matthew stated, rolling his eyes. "Oh, I see. The cuties that precious to him, eh?"

"Heh, you have no idea." Matthew chuckled as he set (__f/n__) on to the ground. "Psshh, I bet I do!" Alfred countered back. Matthew stopped walking. "You should see Francis when he plays hide-and-seek with (__f/n__). He completely freaks out when she can't be found, and ends up curling into a ball on the floor, sobbing out for her." Matthew stated in a matter-of-fact tone. "Well," Alfred stopped walking to turn back to Matthew, "she's my sister. And I wouldn't let (__f/n__) out of my sight at all! 'Cause that's how much I care for her!" Alfred stated, putting his hands on his hips for emphasis. As the two North American brothers argued on who cared most, (__f/n__) averted her attention to a lose dog that so happened to run by her.

"Puppy!" She giggled as she tottered behind it, unknown to Alfred and Matthew. After running for quite some time, the small white fluffy dog stopped in its tracks to turn around and face (__f/n__). She ran up to the dog and started petting it slowly from head to tail. "Puppy is so cute~!" She squealed. As she was grooming the little dog, she heard a little chuckle ahead of her. Peering up from the dog, two men were sitting near a bench observing her.


'Not good'
, she thought. She stopped petting the dog and let it run back to the two men. Looking back the way she came, she realized she was lost.

End of part 1.
Firstly, I would like to say: Please comment! I love comments! ^^ :heart:

:bulletred: Commission for :iconakatsakuforever15:~! I'm so sorry that's it's late! I made this 3000 words instead of 1500. AND THIS IS ONLY PART 1 OF 2. Gomenasai, I hope this makes up for it. Thank you for being patient! ^^; The second part is 10% typed out, haha

[1] Lumber Jack: They are stereo-typically portrayed as Canadian guys with plaid shirts and overalls that chop trees down with an axe. xD
[2] Mountie = RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police force): Just a simple nickname for the fancy police we have, lolol. They specifically wear red and ride a horse.

I honestly never knew that only Canadians knew who a Lumber Jack / Mountie was. I thought everyone in the world would know!

French Translations!
Oui, mon cher - Yes, my dear
Au revoir - Goodbye
Frère - brother

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I'm going to go off into the corner now... :iconlazycryplz:
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