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September 7, 2012
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"Why didn't you tell me?" You asked, worriedly.

You were over at Lovino's house after he had skipped school, causing you to worry. He wasn't always like this; even if he did have an attitude and swore his mouth off at the ones who loved him most, he never meant harm, or to do something as drastic as skipping school. You went straight over to his house afterschool to see him moping around on the floor of the living room.

"Nobody would care." He replied back in a monotone voice, flipping through the television channels.

"Okay, now that's bullshit Lovi. I would care! Your brother would care! Antonio and Grandpa Rome would care!" You reasoned. At that moment, Feliciano entered the room to stand beside you in the doorway.

"Ay, fratello—"

"Get the fuck out," Lovino snapped, tossing a pillow directly at Feli's face, causing him to flee into the next room. You felt kind of honoured that Lovino hadn't chucked a pillow at your face yet, telling you to leave.

You stared at him until he was forced to turn his head towards you, staring back with a monotone look.

"…… Fine," he finally said after what seemed to be forever, "so what if you cared? What could you do about it?"

"Well, it's over now and there's nothing left to do, but I could at least comfort you after it happened."

"Pity," he corrected, "You could at least 'pity' me after it happened."

"In other words, yes, that's what I meant. What; don't you want to feel better? Don't you want pity?" You asked tired of where he was getting to.

"No. That's the last fucking thing I need. I don't need pity for not being good enough," He spat out before realizing what he had said. He sighed and heaved himself off the ground, walking past you.

You would have followed behind him right away, but your body froze from movement.

'I don't need pity for not being good enough.'

Those words played over in your head. You never knew Lovino ever felt that way. You closed your eyes and sighed, finally understanding from his point of view. You followed him into the kitchen to find him pacing back and forth, mumbling pointless comments.

…… Pointless comments. As so you thought.

"Stupid fratello, always getting attention from Potato bastard, and Tomato bastard, and that other random Japanese guy I don't know.  Grandpa Rome, never looking my way, stupid, stupid, so fucking stupid…" He rambled on to himself.

You ran up from behind him and enveloped him in a hug. "You are good enough. You're good enough for me. In fact, you're more! More than enough for me! To everyone! You have unconditional love from your brother and your grandpa, and you don't realize how much we all love you! Don't you ever say you're not good enough, because I swear to god, you're lying." You said nuzzling into his neck from behind. He turned around, forcing you to let go.

"You… love me?" He tried to be careless whether or not you did, but he couldn't hide his blush.

"Uhhmmm, and so does Feli, Toni, and Grandpa Rome!" You laughed awkwardly, dodging the question. He frowned, "Well, I don't like them," He said stubbornly.

"Alright then," you sighed in defeat, "I love you. Is that good enough for you?" You asked curiously.

"……That's more than enough," he smiled, wrapping his arms around you.
*~*~*~* I do not own the picture, it's from here: [link]

(It's a drabble. So no, I don't know why Romano's sad. This idea was spontaneous, so there's no plot, and yeaaahh...)

:bulletred: ANYWAYS, HELLO READER-CHAN! ^^ I hope you liked this little drabble! I understand if you do not; it was written quite quickly. Comment please, because I love you! No seriously, if you're a first time reader of my stories, I love you! Comment so I can thank your kawaii bum~

That sounds creepy.

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